You opened up your lunchbox at school every day welcomed by a hearty
PB&J sandwich and an apple. You played in the treehouse your father built
in the backyard. Maybe you didn’t really like the way it looked and how it
squeaked, but you sure did enjoy climbing in it. You played in the cold snow
outside until the sun went down. Sure, maybe you wanted to stay out and play
a little longer when your mother told you that it’s time to go home.
But you loved how she made you hot chocolate with marshmallows floating
on top as your father got the fire ready to keep you warm.










There was your mother who dragged herself out of the bed early in the
morning to make sure you get a nutritious lunch. There was your father
who ever so carefully built that treehouse with a saw on his right hand and
a hammer on the other—he didn’t mind the callous on his fingers and sawdust
on his shoulders. Your mother attentively rinsed your body, making
certain you won’t bump your head on the faucet while your father set the
kindling and stacked those logs in the fireplace.



Time has passed. Your place in time has changed, but the warmth still
remains. Your parents were happy giving you their full presence—you were
happy receiving their love. Shared happiness is timeless. The warmth, dedication,
and mindfulness of your parents’ unconditional love dwells ever
present. Now it’s your turn to deliver that warmth to your child. Be the parents
who made their child feel special, be the parents who did parenting
the right way.




Much like your childhood experience,

our parents at STS believe that warmth, dedication, and mindfulness must be carried on through shared happiness.
We strive to share with you our mutual interest in providing your child with the best care and affection imaginable.
STS RideSafer travel vests, designed and manufactured in your child’s best interest,
deliver those very values in the hands of our trusted experts who know safety the best.


Our Commitment to keep your loved ones safe and sound over the past 15 years of
culminated experience is absorbed in every inch of our product.
Provide your child with that devotion and care you ought to give. Keep this world warm for future generations to
come, future happiness to be shared.
You’re not just loving your child, you’re sharing happiness.



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